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A Starting Point

A Starting Point

This is a blog to document all aspects of my PhD life.

My PhD pertains to robotic colonies, but my academic interests go further. This blog will be looking at computer vision, robotics, data science, electronic engineering, ontologies and artificial intelligence and learning. There may even be some math in there to.

This blog, is not meant as a authoritative presence, I claim no betterment over my audience and as a result there will be topics that maybe you think I should already know, or even mistakes. Being ignorant is not the lack of knowledge, it is simple the arrogance to not learn. I have no shame in the gaps in my knowledge and I look forward to learning more and talking to others that can help me on my journey.

Please see the other page for personal blog entries. I am a massive geek and I love gaming, comics and all things nerdy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

As always please contact me if you have something on your mind.